“Lucky Spin Wordpress” Documentation by “Alian Software” v1.0

"Lucky Spin Wordpress”

Created: 15 March 2018
By: Alian Software

Thank you for purchasing our code. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via our user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

1. How To Install plugin? - top




Then after You will get a page as above screenshot.

Please activate the plugin after installation.

2. Steps To Modify Wheel - top

2.1 Create Template and Style selection - top

image image

You will get a section as per above screenshot.

Beside to this You can see “Save and Preview” button. By clicking on this button You can save information You have added.

P.S. - If your wheel preview not open after click on "Save and Preview" then check your browser has allowed popup window from current page.

You can see Your Spin wheel on top of the page.


2.2 Brandings - top


After clicking on next step You will find a section as per above image.

After uploading them You will see two Radio buttons for “Wheel Background Image”.

image image

Below to that You find different field and text boxes.

Below the fields You will find a button to enable/disable “Advanced text translation”. Make changes as per your needs and scroll down.


Here You will find different fields and text boxes for their values.

Fill out values as per your needs and scroll down.


You will get two more fields below the button.

2.3 Segments - top

From here You can manage Segments and their details.


Click on Next step for next set up.

2.4 Triggers and Placement - top


From this step You will able to manage triggers.

From below You can setup same things for “Tablets’ and “Mobiles”.


By using “URL filtering” You can allow Spin Wheel to be visible only one mentioned URLs. (Does match “Value”) if value mentioned will be in URL, Spin Wheel will show on the page.

Finally Click on “Save” button to save all data.

3. Collected Emails - top


Enter API for your mailchimp account and get started with email services.

4. Custom Fields - top


Below Mail setup You will find section for Custom Fields.

Finally click on “Save” button to save all data.

Thank You